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Mixed Media and Collage in Rochester, NY

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About Jill Gussow's Collage and Mixed Media Work

Jill Gussow's collage work utilizes discards of clothing, kitchen utensils, leftover materials, paint, photographs and cut paper.

Layers and coverings, surviving, scavenging and the metaphorical use of materials are the current foci of her work.

Artist Statement

Traditional crafts that create and signify personal or cultural identity (for instance an embroidery pattern from a specific village in Mexico; the designs painted on houses by the Ndebele women; or the symbolic mosaics in Roman residential vestibules representing desired familial identity) provoke my visual and philosophical interests.

Visual manifestations of spiritual beliefs: The prayer paintings created with rice flower on the stoops of houses in India, the spirit masks of the Northwest-coast Indians and Mexican retablos paintings of gratitude appeal to my personal spiritual interests.

I am also intrigued by how visual motifs get repeated and refined through the centuries so that children absorb their significance from birth and accept them as culture-identities.

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