Jill Gussow - Mixed Media, Mosaic, Tile, and Collage Artist and Art Teacher in Rochester, NY


Mosaic and Mixed Media Artist

Jill Gussow is a mosaic and mixed media artist in Rochester, NY. She has exhibited her work nationally for 30 years, including exhibits in California, New York City, and Sao Paulo Brazil. She has taught painting, drawing and photography in various universities in the Rochester area for 30 years and she has taught workshops and lectured throughout the country.

Artist Statement

“I have spent my life creating art and surrounding myself with imagery rich in personal meaning, color and pattern. I have used paint, paper, recycled fabric, metal, wood, etc. Now my focus is on the ancient art of mosaics. I bring to mosaics, as I do all my work, the appreciation and study of traditional crafts such as paper cutting, needle work, and the many different temporary forms of architectural and personal ornamentation. "I use color, richness of pattern and complexity to create an opportunity for discovery while incorporating the familiar.”

— Jill Gussow

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